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General manager speech

Guangzhou Wuyang Paint Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Wuyang paint (Weng source) Limited
Chairman and General Manager Zhen Huizhong

Dear Guest Friends:
Hello everyone!
Wuyang paint in the development process of more than 50 years to undertake a large number of paint dealers and social sectors, the session of the leadership, users and friends of the full support and sincere friendship, from scratch, from small to large - from 560 yuan The total capital started, after years of struggle, after four times the overall production and operation of the relocation of the two generations of hard work, honor as "Guangdong Province Paint Industry Association vice president unit" "China Paint Industry Association executive director unit "2011 in response to the Guangdong Provincial Government's" retreat into the three "urban development plan, investment one billion Wuqian million, in 2013 successfully completed the fifth relocation work, the overall production and operation moved to Guangdong Province, Shaoguan City, County "Huacai Chemical Coating City".
Friends, our business after the relocation of the scale of production from the original 10,000 tons of production capacity to 80,000 tons of capacity production enterprises, once again to achieve a major gorgeous upgrade to improve, Wuyang paint colleagues will be in the "second pioneering" thinking Spirit and hard work, the overall product towards environmental protection, low carbon, water-based direction for a comprehensive integration, improve the alignment of the future development of the market direction, the needs of the community, the responsibility of corporate ethics, and strive to seize the future development of the paint market pulse , The product development, the operation of the adjustment, and strive to make all the work of Wuyang paint can meet the actual needs of the market, so as to continue to be friends of the community support and love. Similarly, for the virtual world of the network and the future of the rapid development of electricity providers, we Wuyang paint the same to the actual hard to report.
On the Wuyang paint and Wuyang paint related to the session of the leadership, distributors, suppliers, users friends with unlimited blessing!

Guangzhou Wuyang paint Limited by Share Ltd (producer)
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Guangzhou Wuyang paint (Wengyuan) Co., Ltd. (production)
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