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brand introduction

 Guangzhou Wuyang Paint Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Wuyang Paint Co., Ltd.) was established in 1966, the company is headquartered in one of China's three major commercial cities in Guangzhou City, R & D and production base is located in the famous city of paint - Shaoguan City Wengyuan County The Factory covers an area of ​​150,000 square meters, equipped with modern production equipment, have a first-class technical facilities and professional R & D team to ensure that the orderly product development and continuous innovation.

At present, the company's fixed assets of 500 million yuan, more than 300 employees, is a professional and technical research and development institutions, paint production capacity of 80,000 tons, the product meets the specifications of the construction of international and professional chemical coating products manufacturing enterprises.

Adhering to years of experience and technology accumulation, Wuyang paint reputation inside and outside the province, especially for the cause of China's paint industry is made by reputation. With excellent product and customer-oriented service concept, Wuyang Paint was fortunate to be elected as executive director of China Paint Industry Association and vice president of the Guangdong Provincial Coatings Association unit, has been rated as the flagship of Guangdong Province paint enterprises, Guangdong Province, the top ten Excellent paint business, Guangzhou City, the district safety production advanced units, the Guangzhou Chemical Industry Association governing units, the Chinese floor industry outstanding brand display enterprises. From 1994 to the present, Wuyang Paint for many years by the provincial and municipal tax departments as a model taxpayer, 2004 - 2011 tax credit rating as "A class taxpayer." 2000 Wuyang paint successfully passed GB / T9001-2000idt ISO9001: 2000 national quality system certification in 2013 by the Guangzhou Fair Import and Export Co., Ltd. awarded the "quality cooperation supplier certificate" and become "Canton Fair import and export trade global partners " 2015 by the China Paint Industry Association as "China's coatings industry hundred years hundred enterprises" and "China's coatings industry hundred years influence enterprises."

Wuyang paint since its inception, always adhere to the "innovation, trust, dedication, pioneering" business philosophy, market-oriented, customer-focused, quality of survival, innovation and development for the purpose of focusing on green, Environmental protection product development and production. In the production process, but also adhere to the "product quality is the life of the enterprise" principle, the production of each process are strict checks; the same time closely follow the development trend of domestic and foreign industries, the introduction of domestic and foreign top production technology and chemical equipment, The domestic industry in the early completion of fully automated paint production line one of the manufacturers.

It is this tireless exploration of the spirit and the courage to innovate and develop the courage and courage, Wuyang paint a number of products have achieved gratifying results. (Two components), imitation wood grain floor paint (two components) in 2005 by the China Coating Industry Association audit for the national floor paint (single component), epoxy floor paint Sales among the best, the Guangdong Provincial Coating Industry Association as "quality products" and "best-selling products." 2007 "Wuyang card" environmental water-based paint was identified as well-known trademarks in Guangzhou City, in 2010 was identified as well-known trademarks in Guangdong Province. Water-based paint products and furniture varnish products, not only through the national environmental protection product certification, to meet the national environmental requirements of interior decoration GB18582-2008 standards, but also access to national mandatory 3C product certification; 2014 the company's latest research and development of the four series of water-based paint Water-based paint, water-based paint, water-based paint, water-based paint, water-based paint, water-based paint, water-based external wall insulation coatings and other leading domestic products in product innovation is unique, Extraordinary achievements.

As an excellent modern paint business, Wuyang paint products in Guangdong Province, the market coverage of up to 90% in the country nearly 40 large and medium-sized cities to establish a huge sales network, and equipped with a dangerous certificate of independence The team. After years of development, Wuyang paint products not only in the country occupies a larger market share, and products are exported to overseas markets, is a strong strength and broad prospects for the development of paint production enterprises.

Looking to the future, the company has always been to corporate values ​​to guide the overall situation, close to the paint market dynamics, and strive to achieve strategic transformation and product updates, and strive to management, technology, services, and so enhance the internationalization of enterprises in the best quality service " Wuyang paint "products for the general public to bring more comfortable, better, more secure living environment!


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