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Wuyang paint won the "2015 China anti-corrosion coating brand name"

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 December 18, 2015, 2015 China paint brand list in Beijing Jingrui Hot Spring International Hotel announced. Guangzhou Wuyang Paint Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager, chief engineer Feng Yanyang on behalf of Wuyang paint company attended the awards ceremony, Wuyang Paint won the "2015 China anti-corrosion coating brand award."

Awards Ceremony scene

Wu Yang paint deputy general manager Feng Youyang (left three)
 Wuyang paint since its inception, always adhere to the "innovation, trust, dedication, pioneering" business philosophy, market-oriented, customer-focused, quality of survival, innovation and development for the purpose of focusing on green, Environmental protection product development and production, in the production process, but also adhere to the "product quality is the life of the enterprise" principle.
It is this tireless exploration of the spirit and the courage to innovate and develop the courage and courage, Wuyang paint a number of products have achieved gratifying results. In 2014, the company's latest research and development of the four major series of water-based paint products: water-based floor paint, water-based wood paint, water-based alkyd paint, water-based metal paint, water-based glass paint, water-based external wall insulation coatings and other leading domestic products, In the product innovation is unique, extraordinary achievements.
Looking to the future, the company has always been to corporate values to guide the overall situation, close to the paint market dynamics, and strive to achieve strategic transformation and product updates, and strive to management, technology, services, and so enhance the internationalization of enterprises in the best quality service " Wuyang paint "products for the general public to bring more comfortable, better, more secure living environment!

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