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Wuyang paint was invited to attend the third China (Guangzhou) Paint Dealers Summit Forum

Number of visits: Date:2016-12-05

Summit scene


November 28 to 29, the theme of "wind and waves to build dream counterparts," the third China (Guangzhou) Paint Dealers Summit Forum and 2016 China Paint Gold Award Ceremony in Guangzhou Country Garden Phoenix Hotel. Wuyang paint chairman and general manager Zhen Huizhong, as an entrepreneur representative was invited to attend the ceremony.


The ceremony, Wuyang paint with a new water-based paint, water-based steel paint and the new second-generation water-based alkyd paint, water-based metal paint, water-based floor paint, water-based wood paint, water-based insulation paint to participate , With a live entity samples, product brushing experience. The atmosphere is very warm!

Site entity sample experience


Live brushing experience


In the afternoon of 29, the "finishing room" once again for the dealer's real issue to discuss. Participate in this part of the dealers were focused on the paint industry, four different segments, including five sheep paint agents with annual sales of more than 35 million heavyweight agents Zhang De, participated in the discussion.

Finished living room - Wuyang paint agent Zhang De (Figure one)


On the evening of November 29, 2016 China Paint Gold Award Ceremony awarded certificates, medals and trophies to the dealers who won the awards for gold medals. Among them, Wuyang Paint Agent Shantou Guangda, Guangzhou Tianhua De 6 Dealers won the annual influence award, Wuyang paint agent Nanhai Yonghua won the rapid growth award.

Annual influence award - Wuyang paint agent Shantou Guangda (Figure left three), Guangzhou Tianhua De (Figure two)


Awards guests Wuyang paint chairman · Zhen Huizhong (Figure left one)

Rapid Growth Award - Wuyang Paint Agent · Nanhai Yonghua (Figure left two)


November 30 morning, in the third China (Guangzhou) Paint Dealers Summit Forum and 2016 China Coatings Gold Award Ceremony of the perfect ending, in the five sheep paint chairman Zhen Hui under the leadership of more than 30 from the Excellent dealers across the country came to our Shaoguan Wengyuan production base to visit.

Visit Wuyang paint - warehouse, production workshop


Visit Wuyang Paint - Exhibition Hall


During this visit, the dealers have a better understanding of our Wuyang paint operating structure, product quality and production environment. After the tour, the dealers have signed with our business manager and technical engineer to consult and discuss the cooperation agreement.

Wuyang paint thanks to the exchange of excellent dealers from all over the country, 2016 is about to become the past, where we are ready to meet the arrival of 2017.


Wuyang paint


Water-based paint from Wuyang




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