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Introduction of coating method

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Summary:(1) Manual painting: mainly brushing, rubbing, scraping, etc.

Introduction of coating method

(Summary description)(1) Manual painting: mainly brushing, rubbing, scraping, etc.


(1) Manual painting: mainly brushing, rubbing, scraping, etc.

1. Brushing method: It is a method of dipping paint with various brushes and brushing on the surface of the product to form a uniform coating.

※ Features of brushing: simple tools, easy to use, not limited by site and environmental conditions, and can paint products of various shapes and sizes. It has strong applicability, wide application, high paint utilization rate and less waste. The disadvantages are low efficiency, long consumption of man-hours, high labor intensity, poor construction sanitation conditions, and unstable coating quality.

※ Brush tool:

① Flat-bristle brushes, also known as paint brushes, are made by wrapping long-haired bristle bristles on wooden handles with iron sheets. 7.62cm)  4 inches (10.16cm) and other specifications. The bristles of the brush are hard and elastic, and are suitable for brushing high-viscosity paints.

② The brush brush is made of wool and multiple thin bamboo tubes side by side, which is equivalent to a single tube brush. There are 3-40 types of brushes according to the number of tubes. The brush has soft bristles and is suitable for low viscosity. Good leveling paint.

③ The wool board brush is made of wool, wooden handle and tinplate, and has a variety of specifications from 1 inch to 5 inches. The wool is soft and elastic, suitable for brushing low-viscosity paints.

※ Notes on brushing:

①The running speed of the paintbrush should be consistent and the force should be uniform to ensure uniform coating;

② When brushing the top, use less oil, and the action is quick, and the brush is thin for many times to prevent sagging;

③ When brushing, you should not brush back and forth too many times to prevent blistering or leaving brush marks;

④ Ensure proper ventilation at the construction site;

⑤ At the end of brushing or resting in the middle, the brush should be immersed in solvent, or washed and dried.


2. Wipe coating method: also known as wipe coating method, refers to dipping volatile paint with cotton cloth, yarn end, shavings and other materials, and wiping the surface of the product for many times to form a paint film or achieve the purpose of filling and coloring.

※ Wiping characteristics: The coating film is uniform. Filling the holes is full and can obtain high decorative effect and quality. It is often used in the painting of medium and high-grade wood products, but the efficiency is low, time-consuming and labor-intensive, which is not conducive to batch processing.

※ Wiping method: dip the wiping material into the paint liquid, first rub the test product in circles, and then wipe it in the direction of the wood grain, so that the paint can fully enter the wood grain, and at the same time, no residue should be left on the surface of the product Paint, so that the coating film of the product is uniform and uniform, and the color is also uniform.

※ Notes on wiping:

①The paint used for wiping should be volatile paint, and the viscosity should not be too high;

② Removal of floating powder and residual liquid on the surface should be carried out when the paint film is still dry;

③ The material for wiping should be made of materials with good liquid absorption, and the materials for initial wiping and re-wiping should be separated to ensure the effect.


3. Scratch coating method: It is a manual coating method that uses a scraper to scrape coating materials such as putty, pore filler, and leveling paint on the surface of the product.

※ Features of scraping coating: smooth and smooth coating, high filling efficiency and good effect, generally divided into two types: full scraping and partial scraping, with high efficiency, but the technical requirements are strict, and skilled workers are required to operate.

※ Scraping tools include: insert knife, spatula, horn scraper, rubber scraper and steel scraper, etc.

※ Scraping method: first dip the material on the edge of the scraper, let the scraper and the surface of the product form a 35—45° angle along the direction of the wood grain to reciprocate and scrape, and no scraping edges should appear. Material is cleaned up.

※ Scraping precautions:

①The viscosity of the paint should be appropriate, neither too thick nor too thin;

② The force should be even and sequential;

③ Do not take too much material at a time, keep it clean and reduce waste.


(II) Mechanical coating: mainly include spray coating, curtain coating, roller coating, etc.

1. Spraying method: there are air spraying, airless spraying and electrostatic spraying, etc. Only the air spraying method is introduced here.

※ Spraying features:

①The spraying is uniform, the effect is good and the efficiency is high;

②Suitable for most paints (just adjust the viscosity appropriately);

③ It can be coated with various shapes of products, and it is widely used;

④ Large loss and waste of paint.

※ Spraying tools: there are spray guns, air compressors, exhaust fans, ducts, etc.;

The spray guns are generally divided into calibers: 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.3mm, 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm and other models, which can be sprayed according to the paint and products. size and shape to choose the spray gun.

※ Spraying method:

① When spraying, the hand, eye and body footwork should be consistent;

② The spray gun should be vertical to the product, and the nozzle product should be 15-30cm. The movement of the spray gun should be 30-40cm/s, and the overlapping surface of the two guns should be 1/3-1/2;

③ The order of spraying is usually from left to right, then right to left, or from top to bottom, and then from bottom to top.

※ Precautions for spraying:

① Before construction, the accumulated liquid in the air compressor and oil-water separator should be drained;

② Before construction, the site should be thoroughly cleaned to ensure the cleanliness of the environment;

③ The prepared paint must be filtered before use and let stand for 15-20 minutes;

④ Clean the spray gun and other tools after the construction to ensure the quality of the next construction;

⑤ Pay special attention to safety and fire prevention.


2. Flow coating method: It is a coating method carried out on a spray paint machine, which is suitable for surface decoration of flat panels. It has the characteristics of rapidity, high efficiency and low pollution, and is suitable for large-scale processing in factories.


3. Roller coating method: It is a coating method carried out on a roller coater. It is only suitable for the coating of flat panels. It also has the characteristics of rapidity, high efficiency and low pollution, and is suitable for mass processing in factories.


Another manual roller coating method is often used for the construction of interior and exterior walls.

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