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Chlorosulfonated polyethylene primer (two-pack)

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Chlorosulfonated polyethylene primer (two-pack)

Product introduction: It is a two-component coating composed of chlorosulfonated polyethylene resin, modified epoxy resin, anti-corrosion pigment, filler, auxiliary agent, solvent, etc. Scope of application: It is used for steel structures, pipes, storage tanks, machinery and other equipment, and can also be used for anti-corrosion coating in chemical plants, fertilizer plants, power plants, oil refineries, paper mills, and sewage treatment plants. Packaging Specifications: Effective storage period: 12 months

Product Features:

Fast drying; high hardness; strong adhesion, good mechanical properties; excellent protection performance, excellent three-proof performance; good matching performance.


Performance parameters:

1. Color and appearance: the color tone is variable, the paint film is smooth and smooth

2. Non-volatile matter: ≥30%

3. Specific gravity: about 1.28kg/L

4. Drying time: surface dry ≤0.5 hours; hard dry ≤24 hours (under 25℃)

5. Adhesion (circle method): ≤Level 2

6. Flexibility: ≤1mm

7. Impact strength: 50kg•cm

8. Salt water resistance (3%NaCl, 4d): no blistering, no rusting, no falling off, slight discoloration is allowed

9. The composite coating is resistant to 30% NaOH (30d): no bubbles, no rust, no peeling

10. The composite coating is resistant to 30% H2SO4 (30d); no blistering, no rust, no peeling

11. The composite coating is resistant to 30% NaCl (30d); no blistering, no rusting, no peeling


Construction Instructions:

1. Surface treatment: sand blasting and shot blasting to remove scale, rust and oil, reaching Sa2.5 level or St3 level.

2. Substrate temperature: 3°C higher than the dew point.

3. Coating method: brush, roller and spray.

4. Thinner: The special thinner for chlorosulfonated polyethylene paint is adjusted to the appropriate viscosity for use.

5. Coating thickness: Generally, it is advisable to coat twice, and the dry film thickness is 70um.

6. Theoretical dosage: about 4.8㎡/kg, (calculated as dry film 30um).

7. Overcoating interval: 6 hours at 25℃, the longest is unlimited.

8. Finishing paint: chlorosulfonated polyethylene topcoat.



1. The construction site should have good ventilation facilities.

2. Construction workers should wear masks, glasses, gloves and other protective equipment to avoid skin contact and inhalation of paint mist and solvents.

3. Smoking is strictly prohibited at the construction site, and all sources of ignition are isolated.

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