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Demei Eco-friendly Wall Paint

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Demei Eco-friendly Wall Paint

Product introduction: This product is selected from the optimal product formula, advanced production technology, strict product quality control, low VOC formula, no formaldehyde and other harmful substances. It has the advantages of good adhesion, strong covering power, mildew resistance and scrub resistance. It is the preferred water-based engineering coating for large-scale construction projects. Scope of application: Scope of application: It is suitable for interior wall decoration of large buildings such as residences, schools, hospitals, and real estate. Packaging Specifications: Valid storage period:
Wall paint

Performance parameters:
Color and appearance: various colors, the paint film is smooth and matte
Non-volatile matter: ≥45%;
Viscosity (coating - 4 cups) S: ≥15  
Gloss (85°): ≤10
Surface dry: ≤30min
Hard work: ≤2h                                                 

Product Features:
1. Green environmental protection, low VOC, the limit of harmful substances in the product is lower than the national standard.
2. High cost performance, suitable for large-scale projects, practical and more economical.
3. It has good adhesion and keeps the wall as bright as new.
4. Anti-mildew, antibacterial and scrub resistance.

Construction Instructions:
1. Surface treatment:
    A. Before painting, the wall surface must be firm, dry, clean and free of dust.
    B. The wall surface should be fully dry, the moisture content of the wall surface must be less than 10%, and the PH value should be less than 10.
    D. The parts with mildew on the wall should be treated with bleach or anti-mildew solvent, then washed with clean water and dried.   
2. Construction conditions: When the ambient temperature is lower than 5℃ or the humidity is >80%, please do not construct.
3. Number of coating passes: 2~3 times.
4. Construction method: The method of brushing, rolling and spraying can be used for construction, and the product should be fully stirred before construction.
5. Construction ratio (weight ratio): topcoat: clear water = 100:10~20
6. Recoating time: general interval time > 2h, the actual drying time will vary with ambient temperature and humidity.
7. Theoretical dosage: 8㎡/kg (calculated in one pass) The actual brushing area will vary due to different construction methods and surface roughness.

1. This product is a water-based product, and it is strictly forbidden to mix oily substances;
2. Avoid direct contact with sensitive skin and use appropriate and effective protective equipment;
3. The validity period of this product is 12 months. If it exceeds the validity period, it can still be used after passing the inspection.


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