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Silicone heat-resistant paint

产品介绍: 由有机硅树脂、耐高温银粉、耐高温填料、助剂及溶剂等组成的单组份耐高温漆。 适用范围: 适用于涂装需要耐500度或600度以上的高温设备,钢铁零件,如发动机外壳,排气管,消声器,烘箱,火炉等。 包装规格: 有效贮存期: 12个月

Product Features:

The paint film has high temperature resistance above 600 degrees, water resistance, good chemical resistance; excellent weather resistance, strong adhesion, and good mechanical properties.


Performance parameters:

1. Color and appearance: silver low light, smooth paint film

2. Non-volatile matter: ≥60%

3. Specific gravity: about 1.28kg/L

4. Drying time: surface dry ≤10min; hard dry ≤0.5h (160℃)

5. Impact strength: ≥35kg•cm

6. Adhesion: ≤2 (drawing method, level)

7. Water resistance (immersed in distilled water for 24 hours, taken out and placed for 2 hours for observation): the paint film does not foam and is allowed to be slightly whitish

8. Gasoline resistance (immersed in RH-75 gasoline for 24 hours, taken out and placed for 1 hour observation): the paint film does not foam and does not soften

9. Heat resistance (400℃-600℃, impact resistance measured after 3h): ≥15 kg•cm

10. Heat resistance (700℃-800℃, 3h): the paint film is complete, no blistering, no peeling off, slight loss of light and discoloration are allowed


Construction Instructions:

1. Surface treatment: sand blasting and shot blasting to remove scale, rust and oil, reaching Sa2.5 level or St3 level.

2. Substrate temperature: 3°C higher than the dew point.

3. Coating method: brush, roller and spray.

4. Diluent: The special diluent is adjusted to the appropriate viscosity for use.

5. Coating thickness: Generally, it is advisable to coat twice, and the dry film thickness is 40-80um.

6. Theoretical dosage: about 6-8㎡/kg, (calculated as dry film 40um).

7. Overcoating interval: 16 hours at 25℃, the longest coating interval is unlimited.



1. The construction site should have good ventilation facilities.

2. Construction workers should wear masks, glasses, gloves and other protective equipment to avoid skin contact and inhalation of paint mist and solvents.

3. Smoking is strictly prohibited at the construction site, and all sources of ignition are isolated.


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