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Tubao washable wall paint

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Tubao washable wall paint

Product introduction: This product uses water-based acrylic emulsion as film-forming material, and is formulated with titanium dioxide and other pigments, fillers, and additives. It is a high-quality interior wall paint with fine texture and super-smooth feel. Scope of application: It is suitable for interior decoration of various residences, hotels and factories, including walls, gypsum boards, concrete, ceilings, etc. Packaging Specifications: Valid storage period:
Wall paint

Performance parameters:
Paint film: smooth and smooth;
Color: various colors
Non-volatile matter: ≥45%;
Surface dry: ≤30min;
Hard work: ≤2h;

Product Features:
1. Super strong covering power
2. Super stain resistance
3. Long-lasting anti-mildew and antibacterial effect
4. The paint film is super white and has strong adhesion
5. Excellent scrub resistance
6. The paint film is delicate and smooth to the touch

Construction Instructions:
1. Surface treatment:
    A. Make sure there is no water seepage on the wall, and the water content of the wall is ≤10%;
    B. Remove the old paint film with a steel brush or spatula;
    C. The surface must be clean, free of oil, dry and firm;
    D. The PH of the substrate is less than 10;
    E. The parts with cracks and depressions on the wall should be repaired first, and then polished and smoothed after being thoroughly dried.
2. Construction conditions: When the ambient temperature is lower than 5℃ or the humidity is >80%, please do not construct.
3. Construction method: It can be applied by brush, roller or spray. The product should be fully stirred before construction. The dilution ratio is: paint: water = 100: 10-20.
4. Supporting system: primer: Wuyang brand wall sealing primer
             5. Recoating time: minimum interval of 2 hours (temperature 25 ℃, relative humidity 70%).
6. Theoretical dosage: 12㎡/kg (calculated by one pass), the actual amount of brushing area will vary due to different construction methods and surface roughness. Generally, the number of coating passes is 2-3.

1. This product is a water-based product, and it is strictly forbidden to mix oily substances;
2. Avoid direct contact with sensitive skin and use appropriate and effective protective equipment;
3. The validity period of this product is 12 months. If it exceeds the validity period, it can still be used after passing the inspection.

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