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Water-based anti-corrosion paint

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Water-based anti-corrosion paint

Product introduction: This product is a one-component self-drying coating composed of high-performance water-based resins, pigments, fillers, additives and deionized water. It is ultra-low VOC and belongs to environmentally friendly coatings. Scope of application: It can be used for decoration and protection of atmospheric corrosive C1 and C2 steel structures, guardrails, scaffolding, wood and cement components and other products. Packaging Specifications: 20L Effective storage period: 12 months

Product Features:

1. Water-based system products, safe and environmentally friendly, free of tetraphenyl solvents, ultra-low VOC

2. Wide range of application, easy to use, good construction performance, diluted with water, high coverage, and reduced construction costs.

3. Excellent adhesion and fast drying speed. Hardness increases rapidly, and has excellent water resistance.

Performance parameters:


flat and smooth

Drying time

Skin dry≤0.5 h


Adjustable colors

Work hard ≤24 h

Water resistance

168h no exception



Salt water resistance

168h no exception


≥60 degrees

Salt spray resistance

240h no abnormality

Aging resistance

300h no abnormality

Note: Water resistance, salt water resistance, salt spray resistance, and aging resistance are measured data.

Construction Instructions:

1. Surface treatment: The construction surface must be clean, free of oxide layer, loose paint layer, grease and other dirt, free of acid, alkali or moisture condensation, and the substrate treatment should meet the national standards for the removal of steel surfaces. Rust corrosion standard SA2.5 or ST3 level.

2. Construction conditions: When the ambient temperature is lower than 5℃ or the humidity is >85%, please do not apply, and the paint film after painting should avoid raining or washing with water within 4 hours. The surface temperature of the coated steel structure should be above 5°C and below 40°C.

3. Construction method: Brush, roller or spray can be used. The product should be fully stirred before construction. The dilution ratio is: paint:water=100:10-15.

4. Recoating time: minimum interval of 2 hours (temperature 25℃, relative humidity <70%).

5. Theoretical dosage: 10-12㎡/kg (calculated by one pass), the actual amount of brushing area will be determined by the construction method and surface roughness. Generally, the number of coating passes is recommended to be 2.


1. This product is a water-based product, and oily substances are strictly prohibited;

2. Avoid direct contact with sensitive skin and use appropriate and effective protective equipment;

3. This product is valid for 12 months. If it exceeds the validity period, it can still be used after passing the inspection.

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