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Water-based environmentally friendly wood primer

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Water-based environmentally friendly wood primer

Product introduction: The paint is convenient for construction, fast drying, high in fullness, strong in adhesion, delicate and smooth to the touch, and shows the natural wood color after painting. It can be diluted with tap water, free of formaldehyde, benzene, non-toxic, and low odor. It is a substitute for oil-based wood paint and a new generation of green and environmentally friendly products for home and hotel decoration. Scope of application: It is suitable for sealing primer for indoor doors and windows, tables and chairs, wardrobes, protective panels and various wood products, rattan products and bamboo products. Packaging Specifications: Valid storage period:
wood paint

Performance parameters:
Paint film: smooth and smooth
Non-volatile matter: ≥30%
Drying time (25℃): surface dry ≤30min, hard dry ≤4h
Hardness: ≥0.4
Adhesion: ≤Class 2
Sandability: easy to sand   

Product Features:
1. The construction is convenient and can be directly diluted with tap water;
2. The irritating odor of solvent-free products and natural fragrance of flowers and trees;
3. Does not contain toxic and harmful organic solvents, zero free TDI, and does not contain heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, and chromium;
4. Excellent temperature resistance, alcohol resistance and yellowing resistance, the paint film can withstand high temperature burning without foaming and peeling;
5. Outstanding stain-resistance performance, the pollution of daily oil, tea, sauce and vinegar can be wiped clean immediately;
6. High fullness, strong adhesion and smooth hand feeling.
7. It is resistant to ethanol wiping, the paint film is not easy to turn white and yellow, and there is no wrinkling and peeling phenomenon.

Construction Instructions:
1. Surface treatment
    •Before painting, the surface of the wood must be dry, free of oil and dust; the moisture content of the wood should be <14%, and it should be polished smooth.

2. Construction conditions: when the ambient temperature is lower than 5℃ or the humidity is >80%, please do not construct;
3. Matching system: In order to achieve the best finishing effect, please use water-based wood primer. Theoretically, it is recommended to apply the primer 1~2 times and the topcoat 2 times.
4. Construction method: brushing and spraying can be used. It is recommended to use the construction method of multiple thin coats, otherwise the drying speed and leveling will be affected;
5. Construction ratio: primer: clear water = 100: 5~20, top coat: clear water = 100: 5~20, stir evenly and let stand for 5~10 minutes until the bubbles completely disappear before construction;
6. Recoating time: The general recoating interval is >2h, and the actual drying time will vary with the ambient temperature and humidity. After the interlayer is dry, it needs to be smoothed with 800-grit sandpaper before the next paint construction;
7. Theoretical dosage: primer 8~10㎡/kg, topcoat 10~12㎡/kg (calculated by one pass)

1. This product is a water-based product, it is strictly forbidden to mix it with oily substances and other paints;
2. Please do not superimpose immediately the sheets that are not dry after construction, so as to avoid the adhesion of the paint film. The curing period of the paint film is 7 days;
3. The transportation and storage temperature should be kept at 0~35℃, and avoid direct sunlight exposure.


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