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  • Product name: Water-based alkyd paint
  • Product introduction: Water-based alkyd paint to water as the main thinner, with no irritating odor, fast drying, good pro
  • Applicable scope: Applicable to industrial facilities, equipment and civilian products protective decoration.
  • Packing:
  • Effective storage period:


Applicable scope


Applicable to industrial facilities, equipment and civilian products protective decoration.

Product Features


◆With water as the main solvent, the content of volatile organic compounds is low.
◆Odor small, low toxicity, help to improve the construction environment and personal health.
◆Excellent adhesion, water resistance, corrosion resistance and outdoor durability.
◆Can be used alone, can also be used with water-based finish, solvent-based primer or water-based primer, solvent-based finish.
◆Not easy to burn, is conducive to production.
◆Excellent flexibility.

Performance parameters


Color and appearance: colored, smooth and smooth film        
Viscosity (coated -4 cups) S: ≥100 
Table dry: ≤ 3h
Hard work: ≤ 24h
Flexibility (mm): ≤1
Hardness: ≥0.3

Construction parameters


1. Surface treatment: the construction surface must be clean, no loose paint, no grease and other dirt;
2. Supporting system: Please support the use of the company's water-based alkyd anti-rust primer, the theoretical proposal painted primer 1-2 times, finish 1-2 times.
3. Construction methods: you can brush, dip coating, you can also use conventional air spray, high pressure without air spraying and other methods of construction;
4. Dilution ratio: diluted with water, airless spray 30% -35%, ordinary spray 40% -45% (viscosity of about 35-45S), brushing 15% -20% (viscosity of about 60-80S).
5. Recoat interval: minimum interval of 3 hours, up to 7 days;
6. Theoretical coating rate: 5-10㎡ / kg (dry film 30um dollars, depending on the color).



1. Before painting to confirm whether the substrate to meet the standard requirements before painting;
2. Do not apply when the ambient temperature is lower than 5 ℃ or the ambient humidity is ≥85%
3. Construction must maintain air circulation, and the use of certain protective measures;
4. Store in a cool dry place.

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