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  • Product name: Water-based glass baking varnish
  • Product introduction: This product is made of water-based modified resin and imported additives, pigments, weatherability
  • Applicable scope: Applicable to all kinds of glass products, glass steel products, ceramic products, nylon products, c
  • Packing:
  • Effective storage period:


Applicable scope


Applicable to all kinds of glass products, glass steel products, ceramic products, nylon products, can also be used for a variety of metal surface coating。

Product Features


◆Dense film, good adhesion
◆High gloss, feel good
◆Wear resistant scratch
◆Resistant to water, chemical resistance
◆High hardness, scrub resistance, resistance to yellowing
◆Water-based system, environmental health
◆Non-hazardous combustible products

Performance parameters


Paint: smooth and smooth
Not volatile: ≥ 45%

Hardness: ≥2H

Adhesion: ≤1 level

Construction parameters


1. Construction recommended spraying method, hand spray, electrostatic spray can be.
2. First wipe the glass surface with water or alcohol, thoroughly remove grease and keep it completely dry.
3. Spray can be added when the 10-20% pure water dilution, the specific amount of water should be based on the thickness of the film, as well as the construction of the indoor temperature, dryness may be. Such as the emergence of sagging, then reduce the amount of water; such as orange peel will increase the proportion of water.
4. After spraying, leveling 5-10 minutes for baking, baking temperature of 120-180 ℃, baking time 20-30min. The baking time can also be adjusted according to the film thickness.
5. The theoretical consumption of paint is 15 ㎡ / kg.
6. After spraying the bad product, can be re-sprayed after grinding.



1. This product is water-based products, is strictly prohibited mixed with oily substances;
2. Before use, please carefully read the use of various materials requirements and precautions;
3. Avoid direct contact with sensitive skin, use appropriate and effective protective equipment;
4. Store in a cool and ventilated place to avoid sunlight. Storage and transport temperature can not be less than 0 ℃ or higher than 45 ℃.

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