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  • Product name: Water-based environmentally friendly wood matte finish
  • Product introduction: The product construction is convenient, dry fast, fullness high, strong adhesion, feel smooth and sm
  • Applicable scope: Suitable for indoor doors and windows, tables and chairs, wardrobe, protective board finishing, and
  • Packing:
  • Effective storage period:

Performance parameters:
Paint: smooth and smooth
Not volatile: ≥ 30%
Drying time (25 ℃): surface dry ≤ 30min, hard work ≤ 4h
Gloss (60 °): 30 to 60
Hardness: ≥ 0.4
Adhesion: ≤2 level

Product Features:
1. Easy construction, can be directly diluted with tap water;
2. Low odor, is no solvent environment-friendly products;
3. Non-toxic and harmful organic solvents, zero free TDI, lead, cadmium, chromium and other heavy metals;
4. Temperature, resistance to yellowing excellent, the film can withstand high temperature burning, no bubble peeling phenomenon;
5. Stain resistance performance, the daily oil, tea, sauce, vinegar pollution, a wipe that is net;
6. Fullness high, strong adhesion, feel smooth;
7. Resistant to ethanol wipe, the film is not easy to whitening yellow, no wrinkling off the phenomenon.

Construction instructions:
1. Surface treatment
• The surface of the wood before painting must be dry, free of oil, dust and smooth; wood moisture content should be less than 14%;
• When used on the old paint surface, must be ground with 800 mesh sandpaper into a smooth, uniform surface;
2. Construction conditions: When the ambient temperature is below 5 ℃ or humidity ≥ 80%, do not construction;
3. Supporting system: In order to achieve the best finishes, please use the company's water-based wood primer, the theory recommended primer 1 to 2 times, finish painted 2 times.
4. Construction methods: can be used brush, spray. It is recommended to use a number of thin coating construction methods, otherwise it will affect the drying speed and leveling;
5. Construction ratio: primer: water = 100: 5 ~ 20, topcoat: water = 100: 5 ~ 20, stirring even after standing for 5 to 10 minutes until the bubble completely disappeared before construction;
6. Recoat interval: General recoat interval ≥ 2h, the actual drying time will vary with the ambient temperature and humidity. After the intermittent sandwich with 800 mesh sandpaper can be polished before the next paint construction;
7. Theoretical paint: primer 8 ~ 10 ㎡ / kg, topcoat 10 ~ 12 ㎡ / kg;

1. This product is water-based products, is strictly prohibited mixed with oily substances and other paint mixed use;
2. Just after the construction of dry sheet is not dry, please do not immediately superimposed, so as not to cause film adhesion, film curing period of 7 days;
3. Transport and storage temperature should be kept 0 ~ 35 ℃, to avoid direct sunlight exposure.

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