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  • Product name: Water-based colored wood paint
  • Product introduction: This product is made from modified water-based resin, pigment, functional filler, special auxiliarie
  • Applicable scope: This product is suitable for high environmental requirements of the wooden doors and windows, furnit
  • Packing:
  • Effective storage period:

Performance parameters:
Color and appearance: colored, smooth and smooth film
Not volatile: ≥ 45%
Drying time (25 ℃): surface dry ≤ 0.5h, hard dry ≤ 24h
Hardness: HB
Gloss (60 °): ≥ 80

Product Features:
1. Diluted with water, benzene, toluene, free TDI and other harmful substances.
2. Full film, high gloss, good scratch resistance.
3. Good adhesion, high hardness.
4. Resistant, chemical resistance.

Construction instructions:
1. Substrate processing:
• Substrate requirements: Wood moisture content ≤ 20%
• Polishing: Grind the wood with 800 mesh sandpaper to the surface
• Punching treatment: the nail, scar hole with a transparent or the same color putty repair to the formation
• Cleaning: The surface before brushing should be clean, dry, oil-free and dusty
2. Construction conditions: When the ambient temperature is below 5 ℃ or humidity ≥ 80%, do not construction;
3. Supporting system: In order to achieve the best finishes, please use the company's water-based wood primer, the general recommended primer 1 to 2 times, finish painted 2 times.
4. Construction methods: can be used brush, spray. Stir before use, diluted with 1-20% of the water, stir evenly after standing for 5 to 10 minutes until the bubble completely disappeared before the construction; brushing to be uniform, not a one-time brushing too thick, it is recommended to use multiple thin Coated construction method.
5. Recoat time: the general recoat interval ≥ 2h, after drying between the use of 800 mesh sandpaper can be polished before the next construction of the next paint.
6. Theoretical dosage: 10-15 square meters / kg (once again)

1. This product is water-based products, is strictly prohibited mixed with oily substances and other paint mixed use;
2. Just after the construction of dry sheet is not dry, please do not immediately superimposed, so as not to cause film adhesion, film curing period of 7 days;
3. Shelf life of two years, transport and storage temperature should be kept 0 ~ 35 ℃, to avoid direct sunlight exposure.

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