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  • Product name: Yicai interior latex paint (colored)
  • Product introduction: This product uses water-based acrylic emulsion for the film-forming material, adding titanium dioxid
  • Applicable scope: Applicable to all kinds of residential, hotel, plant interior, including walls, gypsum board, concre
  • Packing:
  • Effective storage period:

Performance parameters:
Paint: smooth and smooth;
Color: colored
Not volatile: ≥ 45%;
Table dry: ≤ 30min;
Hard work: ≤2h;

Product Features:
1, super hiding power
2, super stain resistance
3, lasting anti-mildew antibacterial effect
4, the film is ultra-white, strong adhesion
5, excellent scrub resistance
6, the film is delicate, feel smooth

Construction instructions:
1, surface treatment:
A, to ensure that the wall is not seepage phenomenon, wall moisture content ≤ 10%;
B, with a steel brush or blade to remove the old paint film;
C, the surface must be clean, oil free, dry and firm;
D, substrate PH less than 10;
E, the walls have cracks, sagging parts of the first repair, to be completely dry and then polished flat.
2, the construction conditions: When the ambient temperature is below 5 ℃ or humidity ≥ 80%, do not construction.
3, the construction method: can be used to brush, roll or spray, the product should be fully stir before the product, dilution ratio: paint: water = 100: 10-20.
4, supporting system: primer: Wuyang card wall closed primer
Topcoat: Wuyang licensing interior wall paint
5, recoating time: at least 2 hours interval (temperature 25 ℃, relative humidity 70%).
6, the theoretical amount: 12 ㎡ / kg (in one pass), the actual amount of brushing area will be due to the construction method and the degree of surface roughness varies, the general recommended coating number of 2-3 Road.

1, this product is water-based products, is strictly prohibited mixed with oily substances;
2, to avoid direct contact with sensitive skin, the use of appropriate and effective protective equipment;
3, the product is valid for 12 months, such as more than valid after the test can still be used after passing.

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