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  • Product name: Epoxy self-leveling floor paint
  • Product introduction: This product is composed of epoxy resin, paint, wear-resistant filler, additives from the deployment
  • Applicable scope: It is suitable for applications such as schools, offices, commercial plazas, homes and so on. It is
  • Packing:
  • Effective storage period:


Product Features:
Selection of solvent - free epoxy resin with imported curing agent production;
Smooth surface, beautiful, can achieve the mirror effect;
Acid and alkali salts, oil and other media corrosion, especially strong alkaline resistance;
Wear, pressure, impact resistance, a certain degree of flexibility.


Performance parameters:
Shore hardness D: ≥75
Compressive strength: ≥85Mpa
Wear resistance (750g / 500r, weight loss g): ≤ 0.02
Leveling cm: ≥ 5min
Drying time: dry surface ≤ 4h, hard work ≤ 48h
Tensile strength: ≥ 9Mpa
Bending strength: ≥ 7Mpa
Resistant to 3% saline: 30d no abnormality
Resistant to 25% sodium hydroxide: 30d no exception


Construction parameters:
Ground polished, clean dust, requiring smooth, dry, clean;
Roller coated epoxy seal primer to enhance the coating surface adhesion;
Scraping epoxy quartz sand together to increase the thickness and coating compressive strength and hardness;
Scratching the middle layer of paint, increase the thickness and coating compressive strength and hardness;
Self-leveling epoxy paint trowel coating 1 to 2 times, maintenance 7 days before use


Years of service:
Normal construction and maintenance, thickness of more than 2mm, can be used more than 8 years.




Type of paint

Coating thickness

Theoretical paint (㎡ / kg)


Epoxy Floor Paint Primer




Epoxy self-leveling floor paint





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