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  • Product name: Epoxy floor paint (in the coating)
  • Product introduction: This product is made of epoxy resin, pigments, fillers, additives and solvents from the deployment,
  • Applicable scope: Applicable to chemical plants, offices, cafeteria, hospitals, clean rooms, laboratories, such as the
  • Packing:
  • Effective storage period:

Product Features:
Epoxy floor paint is coated with epoxy resin as the main component, with curing agent epoxy floor paint, with excellent adhesion and durability and can form wear resistance, rust resistance, chemical resistance , Good water resistance and oil resistance tough coating, in particular, can add quartz sand to adjust the thickness of the coating, is suitable for concrete facilities in the coating.

Performance parameters:
Shore hardness D: ≥ 80
Adhesive strength: ≥2Mpa
Wear resistance (750g / 500r, weight loss g): ≤ 0.02
Drying time: dry surface ≤ 0.5h, hard work ≤ 24h
Impact resistance: 50kg · cm
Water resistance: 48h no change

Construction parameters:
Surface treatment - polished smooth, remove the coated surface of the mud, sand, oil, moisture and other pollutants.
Construction conditions - to maintain a good ventilation environment, temperature ≤ 5 ℃ or humidity ≥ 80% should not be construction.
Painting method - scratch coating.
Theoretical amount - the construction of 1 to 2, the amount of about 1 to 3 square meters / kg (calculated in one way).
Coating interval - interval of 12 hours after the next process.

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