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  • Product name: Inorganic zinc-rich primer (two-component)
  • Product introduction: By the zinc powder and pigment as a component of alkali metal silicate for the composition of two, c
  • Applicable scope: It can be used as a workshop primer for steel pretreatment lines such as shipyards and heavy machine
  • Packing:
  • Effective storage period: 12 months

Product Features:
Zinc powder with cathodic protection, excellent anti-rust performance; dry fast, just a short time that can be transported and stacked; excellent welding performance and cutting performance; excellent heat resistance, the film can withstand 400 ℃ High resistance to solvent performance; excellent impact resistance, excellent wear resistance and medium flexibility; with most of the paint system supporting.

Performance parameters:
1, color and appearance: gray matte, smooth and smooth film
2, non-volatile: ≥ 60%
3, adhesion: ≤ 2 level
4, drying time: dry surface ≤ 0.5h; hard work ≤ 24 hours (25 ℃ conditions)
5, salt spray resistance (non-volatile 80% zinc content, 1000h): scratch at the one-way erosion ≤ 2.0mm, no scratches without blistering, cracking, rust, peeling and so on

Construction instructions:
1, surface treatment: blasting shot blasting, remove the scale, rust, oil, up to Sa2.5 or St3 level.
2, substrate temperature: higher than the dew point 3 ℃.
3, coating method: brush, roller, spray.
4, thinner: special diluent to adjust the appropriate viscosity.
5, the thickness of the coating: according to the ratio of mixed B uniform, generally coated again is appropriate, dry film thickness of 20um.
6, the theoretical amount: about 3.5 ㎡ / kg, (dry film 50um dollars).
7, overcoating interval: 25 ℃ 8 hours, the longest coating interval is unlimited, but in the re-coating must be removed before the zinc salt.
8, after supporting the paint: epoxy paint, chlorinated rubber paint, acrylic paint, polyurethane paint, chlorosulfonated polyethylene paint, high chlorinated polyethylene paint.

1, the construction site should have good ventilation facilities.
2, construction workers should wear a mask, glasses, gloves and other protective equipment, to avoid skin contact and inhalation paint mist, solvent.
3, the construction site is strictly prohibited smoking, isolated from all sources of fire.

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