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Water-based wood paint

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Water-based wood paint

Product introduction: This product is made of modified water-based resins, pigments, functional fillers, special additives and deionized water. It is refined by scientific formula and advanced technology. Easy construction can adjust various colors according to customer needs. Scope of application: This product is suitable for surface coating and protection of wooden doors and windows, furniture, toys, etc. with high environmental protection requirements. Packaging Specifications: Valid storage period:
wood paint

Performance parameters:
Color and appearance: various colors, the paint film is smooth and smooth
Non-volatile matter: ≥45%
Drying time (25℃): surface dry ≤0.5h, hard dry ≤24h
Hardness: HB
Gloss (60°): ≥80

Product Features:
1. Diluted with water, it does not contain harmful substances such as benzene, toluene and free TDI.
2. Full paint film, high gloss, good scratch resistance.
3. Good adhesion and high hardness.
4. Good stain and chemical resistance.

Construction Instructions:
1. Substrate Treatment: 
    •Substrate requirements: wood moisture content ≤20%
    •Sanding treatment: sand the wood with 800 grit sandpaper until the surface is smooth

    •Cleaning treatment: The surface before painting should be clean, dry, free of grease and dust
2. Construction conditions: Do not apply when the ambient temperature is lower than 5℃ or the humidity is >80%;
3. Matching system: In order to achieve the best finishing effect, please use our company's water-based wood primer. Generally, it is recommended to apply the primer 1~2 times and the topcoat 2 times.
4. Construction method: brushing and spraying can be used. Stir evenly before use, dilute with 1-20% water, stir evenly and let stand for 5~10 minutes, and then apply after the bubbles disappear completely; the brushing should be even, not too thick at one time, it is recommended to use multiple thin coating construction method.
5. Recoating time: The general recoating interval is >2h. After the layers are dry, it needs to be smoothed with 800-grit sandpaper before the next coat of paint can be applied.
6. Theoretical dosage: 10-15㎡/kg (calculated in one pass)

1. This product is a water-based product, it is strictly forbidden to mix it with oily substances and other paints;
2. Please do not superimpose the sheets that are not dry just after construction, so as to avoid the adhesion of the paint film. The curing period of the paint film is 7 days;
3. The shelf life is two years. The transportation and storage temperature should be kept at 0~35℃, and avoid direct sunlight exposure.


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