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Iron red epoxy primer (two-component)

Product introduction: After grinding epoxy resin, anti-rust pigment, extender pigment and plasticizer, add auxiliary agent and solvent to prepare component A. When using, according to the ratio of group A (paint solution): group B (curing agent) 5:1 mix evenly for construction. Scope of application: It is suitable for the coating of various metal components, cement components and concrete components that require strong anti-corrosion ability and long-term rust resistance. It is an anti-corrosion and anti-rust paint for chemical equipment, chemical construction, food machinery, woodworking machinery, industrial machinery, mining machinery, railway vehicles, automobiles, port equipment machinery, pipeline ships, and bridge structures. Packaging Specifications: Effective storage period: 12 months

Product Features:
The paint film is hard and wear-resistant, with strong adhesion, good water resistance and alkali resistance, moisture resistance, salt spray resistance and aging resistance. It is a high-grade durable anti-corrosion and anti-rust primer.

Performance parameters:
1. Color and appearance: the color tone is variable, the paint film is smooth
2. Viscosity (coating-4 cups): ≥45S (Part A)
3. Fineness: ≤50um
4. Drying time: surface dry ≤4h, hard dry ≤24h
5. Impact strength: ≥50kg•cm
6. Flexibility: 1mm
7. Adhesion (circle method): ≤Level 2
8. Water resistance 96h: no rust, no bubbles
9. Salt water resistance (immersed in 3%NaCl, 48h): no foaming, no rust

Construction Instructions:
1. Surface treatment: The surface of the substrate should be free of rust, oil, moisture and dust.
2. Substrate temperature: 3°C higher than the dew point.
3. Coating method: can be brushed, rolled or sprayed.
4. Thinner: The epoxy paint thinner is adjusted to the appropriate viscosity for use.
5. Coating thickness: Mix evenly according to the ratio of A and B. After curing for 20 minutes, it is generally advisable to coat twice, and the dry film thickness is 50-70um.
6. Overcoating interval: about 12 hours at 25℃.
7. Matching paint: The matching primer is epoxy zinc-rich primer, and the matching topcoat is epoxy asphalt anti-corrosion paint, acrylic enamel, chlorinated rubber enamel, and polyurethane enamel.

1. The construction site should have good ventilation facilities.
2. Construction workers should wear masks, glasses, gloves and other protective equipment to avoid skin contact and inhalation of paint mist and solvents.
3. Smoking is strictly prohibited on the construction site, and all sources of ignition are isolated.

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